Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Penat Giler !!!

Penat betul weekend haku kali ni....

Hari Sabtu haku ada course kat Nikonian Academy, malamnya pulak gi tgk Drag Battle kat F1 Sepang sampai umah kul 4.30am

Ahad pulak ada blogger gethering kat Titiwangsa lepas tu bawak Aries'sya gi Zoo...

Wowwww..... pack giler

Nanti haku akan buat entry & edit gambar2 2 hari tu....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Internet Is Not The Only Solution To Your Life

A Jobless man applied for the position of 'office boy' at Microsoft.

The HR manager interviewed him then watched him cleaning the floor as a test.

'You are employed' he said.'Give me your e-mail address and I'll send you the application to fill in, as well as date when you may start.'

The man replied 'But I don't have a computer, neither an email.'

'I'm sorry', said the HR manager.'If you don't have an email, that means you donot exist. And who doesn't exist, cannot have the job.'

The man left with no hope at all. He didn't know what to do, with only $10 in his pocket. He then decided to go to the supermarket and buy a 10Kg tomato crate.

He then sold the tomatoes in a door to door round. In less than two hours, he succeeded to double his capital. He repeated the operation three times, and returned home with $60.

The man realized that he can survive by this way, and started to go everyday earlier, and return late. Thus, his money doubled or tripled everyday.

Shortly, he bought a cart, then a truck, and then he had his own fleet of delivery vehicles.

5 years later, the man is one of the biggest food retailers in the US...

He started to plan his family's future, and decided to have a life insurance.

He called an insurance broker, and chose a protection plan.

When the conversation was concluded the broker asked him his email.

The man replied,'I don't have an email.'

The broker answered curiously, 'You don't have an email, and yet have succeeded to build an empire. Can you imagine what you could have been if you had an email?!!'

The man thought for a while and replied, 'Yes, I'd be an office boy at Microsoft!'

Moral of the story

Moral 1
Internet is not the solution to your life.

Moral 2
If you don't have Internet, and work hard, you can be a millionaire.

Moral 3
If you received this message by email, you are closer to being a officeboy/girl, than a millionaire..........

p/s - Do not forward this article back to me,I am closing my email account & going to sell tomatoes, ehheheheheh....

Monday, June 22, 2009

Betapa Pentingnya Bahasa Inggeris.....

This is a true story from the Japanese Embassy in US!!!

A few days ago, Prime Minister Mori was given some Basic English conversationt raining before he visits Washington and meets president Barack Obama...
The instructor told Mori Prime Minister,
"When you shake hand with President Obama, please say 'How are you?'.
Then Mr. Obama should say, 'I am fine, and you?'
Now, you should say 'Me too'.
Afterwards we, translators, will do the work for you."

It looks quite simple, but the truth is...
When Mori met Obama , he mistakenly said
'Who are you?' (Instead of 'How are you?'.)
Mr. Obama was a bit shocked but still managed to react with humor:
'Well, I'm Michelle's husband, ha-ha...'
Then Mori replied
'Me too, ha-ha...'

Then there was a long silence in the meeting room.

p/s: pentingnya english....

I'm Back.....(Betul ke ?)

Aku rasa dah lama betul aku tak update blog aku yg dh lapok ni... mungkin blog mummysya telah meng'shadow' blog aku kot ? Salah satu sebab mungkin yg jugak jd tukang godek blog bini aku sampai blog sendiri tak terusik...

Aku rasa selepas je entry ni aku akan memulakan entry yg lain sikit tapi sama mcm entry2 yg bini aku publish dan insyaallah akan di update hari2....hehehehe

p/s: Yakin boleh........